9th NSFA Congress

9 congres NSFA bandeau



Dear Colleague,

The 9th annual Meeting of the French Atherosclerosis Society will be hold in Biarritz, from 14 to 16 June 2012. These days are a special time when all actors involved in the field of atherosclerosis have the opportunity to meet. We expect as in previous years around 250 to 300 clinical and basic French researchers. It is also our opportunity to welcome a number of our colleagues of neighboring countries.

In Biarritz, we offer a scientific program revolved around the HDL, antithrombotic drugs, new treatments of atherosclerosis, angiogenesis and inflammation. This year the scientific program is special because the NSFA joins the European COST Action BM0904 (HDLnet) "HDL - from Biological understanding to clinical exploitation" to organize an International worshop "HDL and cardiovascular risk : potential for intervention" and a joint session on "Diabetes and HDL". We will also open the conference to the paramedics and particularly dietitians in partnership with the AFDN (French Association of Dieticians) for a training day on food and atherosclerosis.

As in previous years, an effort is made towards young researchers and clinicians to enable them to present their work. Registration and accommodation are covered by the NSFA for researchers less than 32 years, authors or co-authors of a communication and working in a French team. A "Hot Topics" session will be organized during which will be presented (oral communication) a selection of the best abstracts. In addition special attention will be given to the Poster sessions. A panel of judges will moderate discussion around the posters selected by the Scientific Committee and will award 6 prizes for the most relevant posters.

Please note that abstracts must be submitted by 16 March 2012 on the online submission website : www.nsfa.asso.fr/Biarritz 2012

The interest of the pharmaceutical and food companies to the actions of the NSFA will allow us to launch a new research grant in 2012.

L’organisation de notre congrès ne serait pas réalisable sans le soutien de partenaires déjà engagés à nos côtés, notamment, MSD-Schering-Plough, Danone, Roche, Merck-Clevenot, Unilever, Genzyme, BMS, Merck Clévenot, Aegerion, Eurobio. Nous ne doutons pas que d’autres nous rejoindrons très prochainement.

We thank them sincerely for their confidence in the French Atherosclerosis Society. Their support allows us to gather around a common interest in improving clinical practices to fight against atherosclerosis and promote the advancement of knowledge in this field.

Hoping to see you in Biarritz. Sincerely yours.

Michel Krempf
Président of the NSFA

Alain-Pierre Gadeau
Local Organizing


With the support of





Colgate GABA







Scientific Program
NSFA Meeting and COST Workshop
Biarritz, June 13-16, 2012

Wednesday June 13th

  ? Conférence plénière ? Communication orale


International Workshop on HDL and cardiovascular risk : potential for intervention
(COST Action BM0904 (HDLnet)-NSFA)
(Chairman Bart Staels, Dimitris Kardassis) (session in english)

14h00-14h30 ? Jan-Albert Kuivenhoven (Amsterdam) : HDL genetics – novel targets ?
14h30-15h00 ? Bart De Geest (kuleuven) : Effects of selective HDL raising gene transfer on advanced atherosclerotic lesions and on allograft vasculopathy
15h00-15h30 ? Laurent Lagrost (Dijon) : Rationale for the development of CETPi
15h30-16h00 Coffee break
16h00-16h30 ? Dimitris Kardassis (Kreta) : Transcriptional regulation of HDL
16h30-17h00 ? Giulia Chinetti (Lille) : Reverse cholesterol transport, HDL and macrophage
17h00-17h30 ? Michel Farnier (Dijon) : Nicotinic acid : results of AIM-High and future prospects

Thursday June 14th

8h15 Congress opening by NSFA president
8h30-10h30 Session 1
NSFA/COST Joint Session : HDL et diabetes (Chairmen Bart Staels) (session in english)
8h30-9h00 ? Ulf Landmesser (Zurich) : Vascular effects of HDL in diabetes
9h00-9h30 ? Miranda van Eck (Leiden) : Leukocyte ABCA1 and atherosclerosis
9h30-10h00 ? Olivier Meilhac (Paris) : HDL lipidomics and proteomics : alterations in diabetes
10h00-10h15 ? Laeticia Lichtenstein (Toulouse) : Decrease biliary lipid secretion in P2Y13 /apoE double knockout mice is coupled to an increase of atherosclerosis (Abstract 15-01)
10h15-10h30 ? Alexandre Superville (Paris) : Preponderant role of LXRa in cholesterol efflux from human foam cells (Abstract 8-02)
10h30-11h30 Poster Session /Coffee break


 Symposium MSD
New faces of the cardio-metabolic risk : from pathophysiology to clinic (Chairman Michel Krempf) (session in french)

  ? Fabrice Bonnet (Rennes) : Cardiovascular risk of CKD patients : what is role of lipids ?
  ? Michel Farnier (Dijon) : Diabetic patients with CKD : How to care them ?
12h30-14h00 Lunch


14h00-16h00 Session 2
New anti-thrombotic molecules :Pathophysiology – large scale clinical trials (Chairmen Eduardo Angles Cano, Pierre Morange) (session in french)
14h00-14h30 ? Christian Gachet (Strasbourg) : New anti-thrombotic molecules : pathophysiological basis
14h30-15h00 ? Jean-Philippe Collet (Paris) : New anti-thrombotic molecules : large scale clinical trials
15h00-15h15 ? Sara Martinez de Lizarrondo (Caen) : Fibrinolytic microvesicles : a compensatory mechanism for fibrin deposition (Abstract 1-04)
15h15-15h30 ? Carmen Roncal (Pampelune) : Synergistic effect of thrombin and cd40l on endothelial mmp-10 expression and microparticle generation in vitro and in vivo (Abstract 2-01)
15h30-15h45 ? Charlotte Roma-Lavisse (Lille) : Profil d'expression des macrophages M1 et M2 dans l'athérosclérose humaine et modulation par les facteurs de risque cardiovasculaire (Abstract 14-02)
15h45-16h00 ? Thomas Cuisset (Marseille) : CYP2C19 *2 and *17 alleles have a significant impact on platelet response and bleeding risk in patients treated with Prasugrel after Acute Coronary Syndrome (Abstract 25-02)
16h00-17h00 Poster Session /Coffee break
17h00-18h00 Session 3
New treatment of dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis (Chairman Michel Krempf) (session in french)
17h00-17h20 ? John Chapman (Paris) : Lipoproteine (a) : the come back
17h20-17h40 ? Michel Krempf (Nantes, France) : New treatments of LDL-C
17h40-18h00 ? Eric Brucker (Paris) : New treatments of hypertriglyceridemia and of HDL cholesterol
18h15-19h00 NSFA general concil

Friday June 15th

8h30-10h30 Session 4
Angiogenesis in all its faces (Chairman Jean-François Arnal) (session in french)
8h30-8h45 ? Antoine Ouvrard-Pascaud (Rouen) : Stimulation of heart angiogenesis after myocardial infarction in mice deleted for the protein tyrosine phosphatase PTP-1B (Abstract 9-01)
8h45-9h15 ? Benoit Ho-Tin-Noe (Paris) : Induction et déstabilisation des néovaisseaux dans l'athérome humain
9h15-9h30 ? Quinyu Yao (Bordeaux) : Autocrine production of Sonic hedgehog enhances PDGF BB-mediated migration and recruitment of arterial Smooth Muscle Cells (Abstract 9-02)
9h30-9h45 ? Françoise Lenfant (Toulouse) : Sex hormones prevent skin and vascular ischemic injury in male mouse : respective roles of androgen and estrogen receptors (Abstract 24-01)
9h45-10h15 ? Friedemann Kiefer (Münster) : Imaging lymph vessel development
10h15-10h30 ? Audrey Castaing-Berthou (Toulouse) : PI3Kß plays a key role in endothelial cell proliferation through activation of F1-ATPase by HDL/apoA-I (Abstract 5-02)
10h30-11h30 Poster Session /Coffee break
11h30-12h30 Session 5
Hot topics (Chairmen Xavier COLLET, Laurent Lagrost) (session in french)
11h30-11h45 ? Laura Bouchareychas (Paris) : Increasing survival of macrophages delays progression of established atherosclerotic lesions (Abstract 13-05)
11h45-12h00 ? Mélisa Romain (Paris) : Role of STAT3-dependant signalling in aneurysm development (Abstract 13-07)
12h00-12h15 ? Sophie Pégorier (Paris) : Microparticles isolated from human atherosclerotic plaque promote macrophage transformation into foam cells (Abstract 13-08)
12h15-12h30 ? Jean-Mathieu Berger (Nantes) : L’excrétion transintestinale du cholestérol est un processus métabolique actif impliquant le LDLR, PCSK9 et le transporteur ABCB1 (Abstract 15-06)
12h30-13h45 Lunch
13h45-14h45 Session 5
Hot topics (Chairmen Xavier COLLET, Laurent Lagrost) (session in french)
13h45-14h00 ? Laurie Joumard (St Genès Champanelle) : Immunodétection des adduits protéiques aldéhydiques de type hydroxyalkénal au niveau vasculaire : études in vivo et in vitro (Abstract 16-03)
14h00-14h15 ? Mathilde Varet (Paris) : A fourth type of Autosomal Dominant Hypercholesterolemia characterized by an alteration of the LDL endosomal transport (Abstract 17-02)
14h15-14h30 ? Hélène Duez (Lille) : Rôle du récepteur nucléaire Rev-erba dans le développement de l’athérosclérose (Abstract 22-04)
14h30-14h45 ? Lamiae Grimaldi-Bensouda (Paris) : The effect of statins on the risk of first non-fatal myocardial infarction : a population-based observational study using the PGRx information system (Abstract 23-01)

Danone Symposium
(Chairman Michel Krempf)

14h45-15h05 ? André Grimaldi (Paris) :Medication adherence
15h05-15h25 ? Eric Brucker (Paris) :Non pharmacological decrease of cholesterol : RECIPE study, an exemple in real life !
15h25-15h45 ? Michel Krempf (Nantes) :The salt : where are we standing ?
15h45-16h30 Poster Session /Coffee break
16h45-18h30 Session 6
Periodontitis flora, inflammation, atherosclerosis (Chair Olivier Meilhac, Philippe Bouchard)
16h45-17h15 ? Philippe Bouchard (Paris) : Periodontal diseases and cardiovascular diseases : dangerous relationships
17h15-17h45 ? Pirkko Pussinen (Helsinki) : Periodontitis pathogens and coronary artery disease
17h45-18h00 ? Sandrine Delbosc (Paris) : Abdominal aortic aneurysm progression is limited by HDL therapy (Abstract 15-02)
18h00-18h15 ? Jacques Grober (Dijon) : Role of Plasma Phospholipid Transfer Protein in LPS-induced inflammation in mice (Abstract 13-01)
18h15-18h30 ? Sophie Gilibert (Paris) : Lack of Scavenger Receptor SR-BI in the adrenal cortex dramatically reduces resistance of mice to endotoxin- and polymicrobial sepsis-induced death (Abstract 13-02)
20h30 Awards Ceremony Posters

Saturday June 16th

9h00-10h30 Session 7
News about cardiovascular prevention trials (Chairman Michel Farnier, Daniel Thomas) (session in french)
9h00-9h30 ? Vincent Durlach (Reims) : What news in diabetology ?
9h30-10h00 ? Gilles Montalescot (Paris) : Oral anti-platelets : efficiency, resistance and new alternatives
10h00-10h30 ? Daniel Thomas (Nantes) : Active et passive smoke : where are we in 2012 ?
10h30-11h00 Coffee break
11h00-12h30 Workshop
Functional genomics at the time of high throughput sequencing – new concepts and new strategies
  ? Hervé LeMarec (Nantes)
  ? Catherine Boileau (Paris)
  Closuring remarks
9h00-10h30 Session paralelle
1er NSFA/AFDN join day on dietetics (JDNA)
General Informations

General Information

The 9th meeting of the French Atherosclerosis Society (NSFA) will be held from 14 to 16 June 2012 at the Congress Centre "Le Bellevue" Bellevue in Biarritz.
The International Workshop "HDL and cardiovascular risk : potential for intervention" organized within the framework of COST will be held June 13, 2012 afternoon at the Congress Centre "Le Bellevue".


Registration for the Workshop is free but mandatory. It includes access to the work session of June 13 Wednesday afternoon. Registration must be done via the website of the NSFA : MEETING INSCRIPTION.


NSFA meeting registration includes the two and half days of work, the book of abstracts, coffee breaks, lunches, the gala evening of June 15. Registration must be done via the website of the NSFA : MEETING INSCRIPTION. Registration fees are set at € 290 for members of the NSFA to date with their subscriptions to the NSFA in 2012 (Memner form) and € 360 for nonmembers until May 10, 2012. After that date, the registration fee of 460 € will be charged


Young people will benefit from financial support by the NSFA, on the basis of free registration and accommodation, transport costs remain dependent on them.
Requirements to take advantage of the conditions of care by the NSFA :

  • Be aged under 32 at the date of opening of the meeting ;
  • Be updated its 2012 contribution to the NSFA ; (Member form)
  • Working in a French laboratory or hospital ;
  • Being the author or co-author of an abstract accepted for oral or poster session.

Registration is free but mandatory. It must be done via the website of the NSFA : MEETING INSCRIPTION before May 10, 2012. A deposit check of 150 € is requested. This security deposit is not withdrawn and will be returned to its owner at the Conference Office. If no, the check will be cashed. For accommodation, the NSFA will provide shared accommodation in hotel ** for three nights from June 13 to 16. If participants wish to share their room with another registrated entrant, they must report it on the form. If they want a single room, it is at their own charge.


A wide choice of hotel ** and *** are available on the online registration form. The proposed rates are between 60 and 100 € for hotels ** and 75 to € 120 for hotels ***. Only requests for hotel bookings accompanied by payment will be considered. A confirmation will be sent by return. It is recommended that participants plan to book for the night of June 13. Hotel booking will be made on the first come, first served basis. A late booking could eventually lead us to propose another hotel category. The additional charges will be paid directly to the hotel.


Posters will be displayed from Thursday, June 14 morning at 5:00 p.m.Friday, June 15. The size of posters is 90 cm X 120 cm.


During the Meeting, an exhibition will be presented by pharmaceutical and food industry and companies providing materials and biology products. It will be held in the Room Atlantic of the Conference Centre.


Access to Biarritz can be done by road, train or plane. All modalities for reducing transportation (train or plane) are indicated on the registration form online.


Cancellations must be notified in writing to the administrative secretariat NSFA - 13 Avenue des Arts - 94100 Saint-Maur, France. The conditions are :

  • Cancellations received before May 10, 2012, Registration fees less than 35 € will be reimburse after the meeting. After this date, no requests for cancellation and refunds will be accepted
  • Hotel : Only cancellations received prior to May 10, 2012 will allow the refund of the deposit, less than 35 € per room charges. No refunds will be made after this date.